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[nafex] Ottawa 3 (was: Apple roostocks for Display Garden)

On Ottawa 3 rootstock: I have quite a few trees on this rootstock. I
believe it is more easily available in Canada than in USA. I have always
been pleased with this rootstock, at least until last fall - a healthy and
vigorous Pumkin Sweet tree, 6 years old, nearly 3 inches diameter at the
graft union, was blown down by a gust of wind. The breakage occured at the
graft union and was perfectly clean. There was no fibres going through the
graft line - all the root woody fibres stopped at the graft, where new
fibres of the variety started. Actually, this tree was holding together
only by the bark!!!

This definitely looks like a case of incompatibility between Ottawa 3 and
Pumkin Sweet. I would be interested to know if this is frequent with this
rootstock - have others experienced similar problems?

Claude in Quebec.

A 16:12 01.01.23 -0000, vous avez écrit :
>I believe Ottawa 3 is difficult to get a hold of (unless you know of 
>a source).  BearCreek used to carry it, but even they had dropped it 
>from their last catalogs.  I understand it is difficult to propagate.
>>From my small experience w/ it, it seems like a good rootstock.