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Re: [nafex] Classic Fruits

I believe Classical Fruits has now changed to classicalfruits.com.

Incidentally, if anyone is looking for a relatively inexpensive webpage
opertion for a small business, check out Yahoo.  They  offer free domain
name, $15 setup and $15 month hosting, plus they have added Pagebuilder
software that allows you  to make your own page without mastering html.   I
had hired someone who worked cheap to set up our page, but he was unreliable
so I did it over myself using their software.  Far from elegant, but it does
the job.  Our webpage is at www.rockypointblueberries.com

 Mark Garrison

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> Hello all:
> I am throwing together my personal webpage.  Does anybody know if
> Classic Fruits (owned by the Adair family) has a webpage?  I want to
> include a link to them.  I do not have very many "Southern" sources
> listed.
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