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Re: [nafex] gypsy moth caviar & Weight Watchers

Gina wrote:

Can you clean them like clams, by leaving them in a tub of something
unobjectionable for a day or two?  (Clams are often left in sea water
with a large admixture of cornmeal.)

My  reply:

Definately so, I would suggest trying some sweet smelling compost, heck
you could probably flavor them some by adding herbs...but really if you
clean them as I suggested the aren't at all bad...

In all honesty I imagine some crawlers stir fired in garlic butter,
served with sundried tomatoe, basil, and say a sprinkle of feta cheese
would be quite palatable...come to think of it I would probably add some
raisins and pecans too...hey I like it...

Heck in a Chinese restaurant in NY they had live leaches(they called them
eels)in a fermented rice beverage for sale.   Business seemed brisk...

the fluffy one

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