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[nafex] gypsy moth caviar & Weight Watchers

It is common practice in Europe to feed snails grain for a few days before
eating them.  However I read a moving story about a small island, cut off
from supplies during the winter in WWII, the whole village was out of food
and desperate.  They held a special church service and prayed for relief.
That night it began to rain, and in the morning there were snails out
everywhere.  They gathered them up by the basketful and fed them on wild
herbs, then had a feast.  They ate well this way the rest of the winter.
    I suppose they had to eat them without butter though.  For all my talk,
I haven't eaten much of anything weirder than roadkill.  Oh, and Natto.  It
takes a brave person to eat Natto.  The taste is fine, it's the stringy
slime that gets people.  I like it though.
     My son was asking what to do about slugs in the PNW.  I suggested ducks
or Neem, maybe I should have sent a recipe.  Anyone who has a good trick for
slugs, I'd like to hear it.  In the winter here in TN they get to be quite a
problem, I hand pick and feed to the chickens, but maybe it would be smarter
to get some ducks and let them have at it.   Donna