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Re: [nafex] Apple roostocks for Display Garden

I have read several of the other postings and one category that seems to be
missing is a vigorous M9 clone.  The 3 I know of are M.9 EMLA, Pajam 2 (a
widely planted rootstock in France) and RN 29 or NIC 29 from Belgium.
Good Luck
Devin Cooper

Devin Cooper wrote:

> Kim,
> Do you want to have a broad display of varing sized rootstocks for a
> demonstration of the effects of dwarfing or are you trying to compare
> rootstocks of like size and there individual characteristics?
> Thank you
> Devin Cooper
> KJJSiebert@aol.com wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > Some of you who live in Western Washington may be aware of the Fruit
> > Demonstration Garden project that we(WWTFRF) have been trying to get
> > off the ground for several years. This project is a 5 acre
> > demonstration garden at the Mount Vernon Station. The garden is
> > divided into various sections and hopefully we will be planting a
> > section to demonstrate the effects of various dwarfing rootstocks
> > this spring.
> >
> > I am compiling a list of rootstock candidates for this garden and
> > these are the ones on my list so far: M27, M9, P22, Mark, M26, Bud,
> > and M7.
> >
> > I would like to have your opinions on what other rootstocks you think
> > should be in this demonstration garden, and why. Also I would be
> > interested in your opinions on P22 from the list above, since I have
> > no experience with it.
> >
> > Thanks,  Kim

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