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[nafex] Fwd: Pear enquiry

A gardening cyberacquaintance in western PA sent me the following enquiries 
regarding choices of pears to plant in her garden.  Since my plantings are 
young, and most of my previous experience has been with low-chill Southern 
varieties, I'd appreciate any comments any of you growers in similar, more 
northerly climes can offer.  I'll forward your suggestions to her.
Lucky Pittman

>I was considering Raintree's Warren or
>Harrow Delight, and the Comice. All are OHxF 333 rootstocks, semi-dwarf. How
>tall might I expect these to get, do you know, and how soon might they begin
>to bear?

I will be canning the fruit I do not eat fresh, and also would prefer fruit 
not coming
>all at once. The catalog indicates that there is a month between the Comice
>and the Harrow Delight. Raintree also offers a "combo" pear tree, with
>either 3 or 4 cultivars grafted onto the same rootstock as mentioned
>above--they do say 12' - 15'. The cultivars are Comice, Orcas, Highland, and
>Bosc. (The Orcas and Bosc are especially recommended for the Pacific NW, so
>maybe that would not be a good choice for me. ?)

These will be my first fruit trees (not counting the persimmon), so want to
>do it right!