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Re: [nafex] Fwd: Pear enquiry

Lucky Pittman wrote-----------

> >I was considering Raintree's Warren or
> >Harrow Delight, and the Comice. All are OHxF 333 rootstocks, semi-dwarf. How
> >tall might I expect these to get, do you know, and how soon might they begin
> >to bear?

     My response--------

     Warren (or Magness, which is near identical) and Comice take many years to
produce fruit (under ideal conditions, 5-7, Comice even more).  Harrow Delight is
very sensative to many eastern strains of fireblight, although apparently not
     How tall will they get?  This is a great question and nearly impossible to
answer.  If spaced properly (and no shading from other trees), they'll be some
14-18' tall at maturity on 333.

     Hope this helps.


> I will be canning the fruit I do not eat fresh, and also would prefer fruit
> not coming
> >all at once. The catalog indicates that there is a month between the Comice
> >and the Harrow Delight. Raintree also offers a "combo" pear tree, with
> >either 3 or 4 cultivars grafted onto the same rootstock as mentioned
> >above--they do say 12' - 15'. The cultivars are Comice, Orcas, Highland, and
> >Bosc. (The Orcas and Bosc are especially recommended for the Pacific NW, so
> >maybe that would not be a good choice for me. ?)
> These will be my first fruit trees (not counting the persimmon), so want to
> >do it right!