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Re: [nafex] Mulching acid loving plants

Yes, Mollison agrees with you on this one.  
In a message dated 01/27/01 1:29:27 PM, jhecksel@voyager.net writes:

<< Hello all:

And you thought we were done with this thread 8-)

I had a passing thought regarding the mulching of acid loving plants. 
Much ink is spilled over the availability of various elements as a
function of pH.  There is a fairly narrow band of pH that has decent
solubility for most micro-nutrients and phosphorous.  The implicit
assumption is that the entire rootzone (rootball?) will be homogenous
with regard to pH.  I think this is both simplistic and undesirable. 
Having a rootball stratified with respect to pH virtually guarentees
that ALL elements will be highly available to the plant somewhere in the

OK, back to our regularly scheduled programs.

                                               -Joe Hecksel
                                                Eaton Rapids, Michigan >>

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