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RE: [nafex] Re: Antique Pears

In response to Doug Woodward's question:

According to both Hedrick and Ragan, Elizabeth (which was developed by van
Mons) is distinct from Edward's Elizabeth (syn. Elizabeth [Edwards]), which
is an America variety first raised in New Haven, Conn. by Governor Edwards.
Hedrick describes the latter as "medium size, round-obtuse-pyriform,
slightly angular; skin smooth, pale lemon-yellow, profusely sprinkled with
very small, plae russet dots and a few grayish-russet pathces; flesh white,
somewhat coarse, metling, very juicy, slightly subacud, with a vinous
flavor; October."
The van Mons Elizabeth looks attractive, and the fruit is described as
ripening in late August (in New York), 2 1/2 inch  obovate-obtuse-pyriform
shape; tough, glossy, rough skin, yellow with at least 50% red blush, dots
of russet.

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> The "pear list" page on the site of Neva Rolls ("Neva's Garden Page")
> at http://incoler.inetnebr.com/nrolls/pears.html
> lists "Elizabeth" pear which is an old 19th century American pear.
> I don't know if it is the same as "Edward's Elizabeth" but Hedrick's
> "Pears of New York" would probably list synonyms. Does anyone have a 
> copy of Hedrick in which they could check this for Mike?
> Neva's description runs "Although the pears are small, they are 
> beautiful in colour and very good in quality. The trees are vigorous, 
> hearty, and very resistant to blight."
> She says that she welcomes comments but does not have time to reply 
> to individual messages. However, she also says that some trees in her 
> collection are patented and therefore she cannot distribute scionwwod 
> of them, which implies that she does respond to scionwood requests.
> She gives her e-mail address as <nrolls@tcgcs.com>
> She is at Hastings, Nebraska.
> Doug Woodard 

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