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[nafex] Thanks for the chip budding article.

To whoever is responsible for this excellent initiative, thank you for this most interesting article on chip budding!
I practice this method in August usually with newly formed buds for next year and it gives some good results on prunus, as well as malus and pyrus.  It had heard of chip budding in the Spring but not in detail. This inspires me to try some this Spring, as prunus is particularly difficult to do with grafting.
I have a suggestion. Once, the chip is secure in place with a grafting elastic, it should also be wrapped in a plastic of some sort to maintain humidity for the first few days which are crucial for a good take. My rate of success has increase since I do this extra step.
As good labelling is very important, we all discover this sooner or later, I now use plastic shopping bags in different colours to identify different varieties and take note of colours on paper. Next, I only have to label the succesful budding. Saves a lot of time on labelling while serving a necessary function of conserving moisture and protecting the chip.
Hélène in Québec, looking out from a hole dug in the snow... and more falling.

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