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Re: [nafex] Thanks for the chip budding article.

  You have to remember that spring budding is a sepeate entity to your fall 
budding. So watch with the extra wrapping.
   Gordon C. Nofs  Flint, Mich. Composer of article.
I purchase colored electrical tape and use a permenent hoticultuar marker. 
They last for years. Can be purchased in many colors at your local hardware 

I have a suggestion. Once, the chip is secure in place with a grafting 
elastic, it should also be wrapped in a plastic of some sort to maintain 
humidity for the first few days which are crucial for a good take. My rate 
of success has increase since I do this extra step.

As good labelling is very important, we all discover this sooner or later, I 
now use plastic shopping bags in different colours to identify different 
varieties and take note of colours on paper. Next, I only have to label the 
succesful budding. Saves a lot of time on labelling while serving a 
necessary function of conserving moisture and protecting the chip.

Hélène in Québec, looking out from a hole dug in the snow... and more 

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