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[nafex] Mist Propagation Alternatives

Hello All,

In researching some cultivars it indicates that the cuttings
need to be misted to achieve successful rooting results.
This involves timers, magnetic water valves and tiny
nozzles.  I have learned of an alternative for the small
scale grower needing this approach, but not willing to
accept the cost of commercial mist systems.

Single Pot:

Use a 6-8" pot and prepare the cuttings as you usually
would.  Place the proper rooting mix into the pot, and
insert the prepared cuttings into the medium.  Place the
cuttings so that there is space enough to place a small clay
pot in the center of the rooting medium.

Prepare a porous clay pot (1-2") by plugging the drainage
hole in the bottom, so the small pot holds water, and does
not leak.  Do not use a clay pot that has been glazed, it
needs to be porous inside and out.

Fill the little clay pot with water, and place it in the
center of the rooting medium, and make sure there is good
contact between the pot and the medium.  Now put a plastic
bag over the top of the 6-8" pot and cuttings, trapping the
humidity escaping from the small pot of water.  The porous
clay pot also leaches water very slowly to the rooting
medium, down to the cuttings basal ends, ensuring moist
rooting medium.

Refill the clay pot with water as it empties over days until
the cuttings are rooted.

I am using this approach for the first time this season, and
wonder if others have had any success with it.

Would like to hear of other techniques of this type (cheap,
small scale).


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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