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Re: [nafex] apple storage

del stubbs wrote:

>         Tom, we're in the process of building - just got the basement covered by
> freezeup- I left out the concrete in the nw corner room (8' by 10') and
> filled the floor with sand.  Will insulate the interior walls. it has a
> small window hole in the concrete (just insulation filled now).How did you
> vent it? I'm concerned about it freezing if vented too much.    thanks Mn.
> Del z2b


When the foundation was poured they inserted 5-6" round vents that are screened and
loovered, right into the foundation..

On the inside one vent is piped all the way to the floor, the other vent directly at
the top.  I think this creates an air flow.

My guess is that they used the same type of galvanized vents used to vent dryer

Works like a charm.  Mine has a concrete floor and ceiling though.  Not that they are
necessary, or desirable, just good insulation from the heated areas of the basement
should work.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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