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[nafex] horticulture mag

	I'm trying to research an article in Spring 91 Pomona by Ernest PLutko.  It 
refers to a Siberian and Manchurian method called "creeping orchards" where 
the trees are trained close to the ground to stay under the snow cover.  
He's growing yellow transparents in zone 2.
	 This article says subject is covered in 'Horticulture' Jan 91.     A 
search engine found Horticulture Magazine but nothing I did could raise it 
on my screen, nor could i find it on any of the library searches of our 
local library systems.  Is it defunct?    hortmag.com   
horticulturemagazine.com   were both tried.
	Article also mentions Moosebell Flower Fruit and Flower Co. in St. Francis 
Ma.    apparantly, from my search it doesn't have a web site , if so, could 
someone post it?
                           thanks, Mn Del z2b
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