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[nafex] Tomatoes


I received some unhappy news today.   Since 1987 I had been developing
tomatoes for my local area and for Hydroponic adaption.    I had some
decent selections that were showing some promise.   Unfortunately the
fire that destroyed my home in 1994 destroyed my records of the initial
crosses, and now the gentleman who I left the varieties to told me his
greenhouse failed and he lost everything.    

In short, 14 years of effort just disappeared.   The point of this is if
anyone has some unusual tomato material that they think is outstanding
for zone 4b or hydroponic adaption and are willing to share please
contact me.    I am primarily interested in taste, followed by disease
resistance.  Uniform size, color, crack resistance, blossom end rot and
even ripening are not important for my purposes.

In case this in not clear I grow tomatoes in two distinct fashion. One is
under specific horticulture practices I adapted that involve a soil
mixture and the other method is by various hydroponic means.  I am
interested in improving varieties for both purposes.

Wishing all of you a better day then I have just had,

 a sad rabbit
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