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[nafex] Screwtapes biggest lie, there will always be a tomorrow.

Fluffy Bunny wrote:
> Gang:
> I received some unhappy news today....

I feel your pain.  It reminds me of the summer I spent identifying the
superior mulberries in Lansing, Michigan.  The three best selections
were all snuffed out that fall before I could gather scion wood.  Who
would have imagined?  One became a used car lot.  One was removed in a
frenzy of landlord guilt.  The other...who knows why it was mowed down. 
I was able to salvage a few twigs from the landlord tree, but to no
avail.  Gone forever.

If it is any consolation, 


lists 8269 selections of tomatoes.  I traded emails with the curator,
Larry D. Robertson  (ldr9@nysaes.cornell.edu) and found him to be a
first-class kind of guy.  He was very willing to swap a few emails with
me.  The only problem with 8269 selections if finding those with the
characteristics you desire.

Best regards.

                                               -Joe Hecksel
                                                Eaton Rapids, Michigan

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