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Blueberry Source

Ginda, Bottoms Nursery, Rt. 1 Box 281 Concord, Ga. 30206 replaced my old
friend's place Owen's Nursery when he died. The number used to be the
same 404 495 5661. Edward Bottoms was the proprietor.
Ison's Nursery Rt. 1 Box 191 Brooks, Ga. 30205 Ph. 800 733 0524 Owned by
the man, Bill Ison, who wrote the book on muscadines.
I've dealt with both of these folks and have always been treated fairly.
Both have rabbiteyes and charges are about the same.
If you need any help, just drop me an "e" and let me know. Regards, Doc
Lisenby Chesterfield, SC