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[nafex] Re: Electricity instead of water

Another interesting (to me) item from the Saturday Organic Fruit and
Vegetable meeting.  One attendee was a MD/farmer who is interested in
learning about organic.  He is hoping hard on his winter wheat because he
will be doing a bunch of dry land farming in order to get the $300 per acre
that the utility is offering farmers if they do not use irrigation water.
Out here this will be affecting onions, potatoes, corn, beans and sugar
beets just to name the most obvious commercial crops.  The farmers could be
okay on this because our onion guys have had to plow their stuff under for 2
years now and our potato farmers who are trying to give the spuds away.  But
it is not just a mater of food prices next year but also all those people
who haul and process  what is not going to be produced.  I am not on a soap
box but I felt like presenting this information and some of the economic
connections as I see them.
Naomi Counides
Associated Beefalo of Idaho

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