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[nafex] Re: an good idea.....maybe

--- In nafex@y..., mauch1@a... wrote:
> I may be repeating myself as the first time I posted this, I 
> got 'YahooGroups not available'
> If possible place a scale on the drawing as 1 inch on your machine 
> may not be an inch on mine (would vary by screen size and display 
> settings)

Good idea!  I will add that

> Kiwis- Are you leaving enough space?  I've been recommended from 
> someone who raises hardy kiwis in zone 7 that trellised you need 25' 
> x 8'  (from personal experience I know that 12' on a vertical grape 
> arbor is not really enough).  The same person also strongly advised 
> against planting Ken's Red as he felt it was inferior to Annasnaja.  

Hmm, I was told just the opposite.  The guy seem to like Ken's Red.
do you have any more detail on whay he said it was inferior? I was 
also told to plant them on a "T" trellis at leas 10' apart.  I guess I 
could just keep them pruned though....?

> In my experience the Am. Persimmon and Mulberries will grow much 
> larger than 15 and 20 ft respectively (I don't know how much pruning 
> can help this)

Oops! your right, I first thought they were the same size as the asian  
ones. I never changed them. I will have to work on the back some more 
then.  Now I have seen conflicting info on mulberries.  I will have to 
chech them out again.  Maybe is a specific kind I was looking at.

> Fejoia - are they reliably hardy in zone 7?

There is guy who lives a bit north of me that has one.  I thought I 
would give it try. He has had no problems with them.  I wanted to do a 
Loquat too, but I think I will be pushing my luck with that. On the 
other hand I go to the South Eastern Palm and Exotic fruit site and a 
few local members have loquat trees in their yard.  Go figure.

> What software did you use to generate the drawings?

I used Adolbe Illustrator.  There may be an easier sotware to use,
but I teach it at school, so it was a sinple project for me.

> Have you planned for using all this fruit?


Thats the big question.  I have a reputation for my eyes being to big 
for my belly! :)
I will be doing some (alot) of presearving, but I will also giving 
some gift baskets and selling some to.  Of course I will bring some to 
the NAFEX and SFF shows too! :) 

To be serious, I really dont know.  I do hope to make this investment 
pay for itself, but I am really doing it because I like eating fruit 
and it kinda fun.

What do you all do with your treasure??? 
> It looks interesting.

Thanx for your suggestions!

> Chris Mauchline
> SE PA, zone 6
> --- In nafex@y..., lostman_amiga@y... wrote:
> > I dont know if this is an idea that would be wrong for this forum, 
> but 
> > I thought I would suggest it anyway....
> > 
> > A little background first...
> > I am working on a fairly ambitious project(for me)of 
> my 
> > yard with edible plants.  I have done a fair amount of research 
> > being such a newbie at this, but there is nothing like getting 
> > differnet peoples opinions first hand about all this.  This is 
> > makes this place and other forums so crucial to me. I only wish I 
> > could show people my space and what I want to plant. I spent a 
> great 
> > deal of time planning on paper my landscape design to get a 
> > picture in my head of what would go well in the space. I also 
> thought 
> > it would be a great way to show others what I want to do. 
> > Unfortunately, most people I know think I'm a bit odd for not 
> planting 
> > lawn grass, flowers, and boxwoods. I didnt really have a group to 
> go 
> > to till I found NAFEX. But I still would like a few people locally 
> > that I could actually show things too.
> > 
> > So, to make a long story short, I thought maybe I can upload my 
> > yard plans to the forum file sections for feedback.  Better yet, 
> maybe 
> > a folder of landscape and orchard plans so everyone can share 
> > vision with others......?  Would this be to difficult to manage?
> > any problems this might cause?
> > 
> > I know this might be overstepping my bounds as a new NAFEX online 
> > member, but would the members and the owner be interested in doing 
> > something like this?  I would love to see what other people are 
> > planting.

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