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Re: [nafex] Re: an good idea.....maybe

> > In my experience the Am. Persimmon and Mulberries will grow much
> > larger than 15 and 20 ft respectively (I don't know how much pruning
> > can help this)
> Oops! your right, I first thought they were the same size as the asian
> ones. I never changed them. I will have to work on the back some more
> then.  Now I have seen conflicting info on mulberries.  I will have to
> chech them out again.  Maybe is a specific kind I was looking at.

I wondered about the mulberry, too.  I've seen two mulberry trees.  Both
were huge, as big around as a black oak and as tall as a white oak. 
(That is, not quite as big as a mature oak, but on the same general
scale.)  They produce huge amounts of fruit which is pleasant but not as
good as a raspberry, which it resembles.  The fruit lacks acid,
especially if you let it ripen too far.  It doesn't keep or travel well,
because it is very soft.  I agree with Don Yellman, you might be happier
with a few raspberry canes instead of the mulberry.

Around here, we have lots of "wild" trees (mostly oaks that predate the
houses) that routinely hang over property lines.  But oaks are not much
trouble - not as messy as fruit - and I did trim back my neighbor's oak
this spring because I wanted more light for my lilacs.  (I talked with
her first, and trimmed the limb back neatly to the trunk, rather than
butcher it at the property line.  It's my right to butcher at the
property line, but this is better for both people and the tree.)  


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