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Re: [nafex] Itzstedter Apfel source

At 08:57 PM 02/20/2001 +0000, Mark Lee wrote:
In the second edition of the Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory, I found
an apple variety called Itzstedler Apfel (Prunterkroger) that has the
following description...

"Quite unusual, sweet tart flavor with a hint of almond".

Anyone tasted this variety?  I never heard of "almond" being a flavor
component of any apple.  The only source listed is the Living Tree
Centre of Berkeley (no phone number listed).  I couldn't find any
reference to this nursery on the internet.  Has anyone done business
recently with this nursery?  They are also listed as the ones that
discovered the variety Cinnamon Spice that has a "very rich, sharp
cinnamon flavor which lasts in the mouth for some time".  Marketing
hype, or do these flavorful apples really exist?
-Mark Lee

I looked in my 3 copies of the Register of New Fruit and Nut Varieties covering 1920-1997 and neither are listed.

using www.swithchboard.com I found
Living Tree Community Foods
1760 Solano Ave,
Berkeley, CA 94707-2218
Phone: (510)526-7106

A possible hit?????


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