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[nafex] Cinnamon Spice apple

At 08:57 PM 02/20/2001 +0000, Mark Lee wrote:
>The only source listed is the Living Tree
>Centre of Berkeley (no phone number listed).  I couldn't find any
>reference to this nursery on the internet.
>They are also listed as the ones that
>discovered the variety Cinnamon Spice that has a "very rich, sharp
>cinnamon flavor which lasts in the mouth for some time".  Marketing
>hype, or do these flavorful apples really exist?

I've got Cinnamon Spice somewhere in my orchard, but either it's not 
fruited yet, or I never got around to sampling it if it has.
Now, if I could just find the keyboard to my old PB 286 computer, where the 
orchard map is, I could figure out which tree it is, since I've promised 
scions to another NAFEX member.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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