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[nafex] Unusual Tasting Apples - Anise


Has anyone on-list tasted a Court Pendu Plat (Wise Apple) apple?  I have read
of an anise taste, which I believe is like licorice.

Image of apple:  http://www.nfc.u-net.com/Pendu.jpg

"COURT PENDU PLAT. (short hanging flat) is ancient apple believed to date
from Roman days. It is flat with a very short stem causing it to lay against
the stem like a peach. It is bright yellow flushed with rose over a fawn
russet skin giving an
appearance much like Italian marble. Leroy, the great French pomologist,
referred to its "after taste of musky anise deliciously perfuming the mouth."
Written by Theo C. J. Grootendorst.

Has anyone grafted Court Pendu Plat to M7 rootstock?

It is supposed to be a small tree on its own roots, and wonder what size tree
this grafting would produce.

It is known as the Wise Apple, as it flowers late avoiding frosts, has late
ripening fruit, that will store till April.


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