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[nafex] Re: Akebia anyone?

If I remember correctly, an akebia plus that hasn't been mentioned is it's
scent in bloom, which is supposed to be delightful. A drawback no one has
mentioned is that those little black seeds have an excellent germination
rate.  Adam and Sue Turtle had a vine in fruit when we visited, and some
kids rather liked it, they would only let them eat it on the driveway,
because where the seeds are spat out, there you will get a zillion akebia
seedlings, whether you need them or not.
    Akebia may have been grown simply because sugary things can be hard to
come by.  Beers are lower in alcohol and usually not intended to keep as
long, and have been made from about any source of sugar you can think of.  I
wonder if somewhere in it's native country, Akebia was used to make an
alcoholic beverage.  Our access to sugar means we can turn any flavorful
fruit into wine, but traditionally, low sugar ingedients were used to make
beers.  Sprouted grains, both the grain and juice of sorghum, and persimmons
have all been used in this way.  Donna


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