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[nafex] Re: Akebia anyone?

    Sorry, Magnolia vine is unlikely to appreciate Atlanta's heat.  There IS
a native schisandra, sold by Woodlanders if they still carry it, native to
SC.  (Just don't try any of their hardy citrus unless they have started
grafting the trees.))  I myself keep trying to grow Lycium, which is
practically a weed and ought to be ridiculously easy to grow, but the
seedlings seem to get damping off.  If you'll go to one of the oriental
groceries on Beuford Hwy and buy dried persimmons, "red dates" (jujube), and
"Fructus lycii" (it's in the medicinal herbs section), you can taste some of
these minor fruits in advance.  I like them all.  Lycium is considered a
tonic food, very nourishing.  Ditto for jujubes, which taste like small mild
apples when ripe.  Dried Schisandra ought to be there too somewhere in the
medicinal section, I haven't tried it, but the name is something like "Five
flavors fruit" so it has a complex flavor, including bitterness.   Richters
schisandra seeds won't germinate for me, but the seeds in dried lycium
berries germinate just fine.  Have fun!  Donna


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