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[nafex] Re: Akebia anyone?

--- In nafex@y..., "Kieran or Donna" <redherring@t...> wrote:

Wow!  Thanx for the tip!  It sounds like youve stayed in Atlanta for 
some time.  I would love to pick your brain on info of minor fruits in 
Asian shops (But thats a different story).

Please tell me more about this native Schisandra does it have common 
name? Does it have the same uses? 

Whats this Lycium?  Your holding out on us. :)
Sounds like you need to write and article for the next Pomona :)

> Lostman,
>     Sorry, Magnolia vine is unlikely to appreciate Atlanta's heat.  
There IS
> a native schisandra, sold by Woodlanders if they still carry it, 
native to
> SC.  (Just don't try any of their hardy citrus unless they have 
> grafting the trees.))  I myself keep trying to grow Lycium, which is
> practically a weed and ought to be ridiculously easy to grow, but 
> seedlings seem to get damping off.  If you'll go to one of the 
> groceries on Beuford Hwy and buy dried persimmons, "red dates" 
(jujube), and
> "Fructus lycii" (it's in the medicinal herbs section), you can taste 
some of
> these minor fruits in advance.  I like them all.  Lycium is 
considered a
> tonic food, very nourishing.  Ditto for jujubes, which taste like 
small mild
> apples when ripe.  Dried Schisandra ought to be there too somewhere 
in the
> medicinal section, I haven't tried it, but the name is something 
like "Five
> flavors fruit" so it has a complex flavor, including bitterness.   
> schisandra seeds won't germinate for me, but the seeds in dried 
> berries germinate just fine.  Have fun!  Donna

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