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Re: [nafex] Plant tags

I was thinking last night as to what I might do to preserve these tags. I 
think I am going to try a clear spray from a can of Krylon spray paint.
  I have also used Aluminum siding cut into strips. I also had the boys at 
the shop cut up a sheet of 1/16 inch aluminum and punch holes in them. I 
write on one side with a carbide scribing pen.I use the heavy 1/16 copper 
wire that comes out of old Micro-wave transformers for ties. I use Nursery 
marking pens that last for about 4 years. I have found that the ones from 
leonard's do not hold up. But the ones from Mellingers do great for me. When 
I do my grafts, I use colored electrical tape and write on them with the 
nursery pen. They hold up for two or three years. By then I have them 
located on my Property Plot map. Hopefully?
  There are actual paint pens on the market. I have a red one made by 
Testor's, and a black one made by Faber-Castel I haven't messed with them 
much yet.
Gordon wrote:

 >I have been experimenting with the Brother hand held "P-touch" Home and
 >hobby III. It uses a 3/8 or 1/2 inch wide Metal tape. I have put them on
 >grafts that I made last year. I also made 2 and put them in the shower. 
 >ones that have been in the shower are still staying, and have not faded. 
 >the ones I put outside still sticking but looking a little faded. I will
 >have to wait till fall to fully evaluate them.

Speaking as one that has a large number of years of writing on
stakes, the only material that will not fade in the sun and weather
is a carbon based black ink or crayon. Not just any black but it has
to have a high carbon content and the ability to stick.

I have found that many ordinary black colored inks are not colorfast
and fade as fast as the colored ones.
Hank Parker
Maple syrup, apples
NH zone 3-4

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