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Re: [nafex] Plant tags


The laser printer uses a heat process that bonds the ink to the paper.  A laser
is used to provide the heat, and the ink is bonded the second it hits the

An ink jet printer just sprays ink on the paper.  It will smudge if you touch it
too soon as it comes out of the printer and a drop of water spreads ink

Two very different processes.

I may make sense to put your labels on diskette and visit a friend with a laser
printer, or go to one of those business stores that will allow you to use their
equipment for a fee.

Maybe there is someone in the NAFEX group willing to offer the laser label
service via email for a small fee.  (Not me, I have an ink jet)  Anyone want to
start a small online business?

In the long run a laser printer is cheaper, as ink jets use a lot more INK, and
ink jet ink isn't cheap either.  A laser printer also offers a nicer finished
product too.


"Gordon C. Nofs" wrote:

> Why couldn't it be sprayed. A new Lazer printer is not a cheap investment,
> nor are the refills.
>      Gordon
> ***************************************
> Tom,  The LASER printing on the plastic - at least the tags mentioned below
> - does not come off in weather, but lasts for years.  INK JET ink
> immediately comes off anything I know of with use, smudging and especially
> water.  Kuon
>  >Hi,
>  >
>  >My laser printer ink seems to come off paper with a drop of water.  I
> wonder
>  >if the plastic paper used for transparancies and overheads would hold the
> ink
>  >better?
>  >
>  >When I use to make overheads with a laser printer at work, the plastic
> sheet
>  >had a rough side and this is the side the ink printed on.
>  >
>  >Never tried it in the weather though.
>  >
>  >regards,
>  >Tom
>  >
>  >kuon@onlinemac.com wrote:
>  >
>  >> Yes!  Mike, contact Gardenware at 503-738-9391 or info@gardenware.com
> for
>  >> plastic strip labels that will go right through your laser printer.
> These
>  >> are the kind that loop around your tree or shrub and pass back through a
>  >> slit in themselves.  They WORK and are long lasting AND you can print on
>  >> them with your own software!  I was so thrilled when I saw them and
> didn't
>  >> have to buy a $3000 labeller with someone else's software!  They also
> have
>  >> plastic labels for sticking on pots in different sizes, etc.  Good
> stuff.
>  >> They are in Seaside, OR and will ship anywhere.
>  >>
>  >> Kuon Hunt
>  >> Windy Hill Farm
>  >>
>  >> >As a small commercial antique apple tree grower/wholesaler I need a
>  >> >plant tag that I can customize for some of my customers. Right now I
>  >> >have an order for a hundred trees that if we can properly tag them
>  >> >should generate added sales this fall and next year. We have computer
>  >> >capability with photoshop but cannot find a product upon which to put
>  >> >our material.  I'm looking for a waterproof double sided printable
>  >> >tag. Any suggestions?
>  >> >Thanks
>  >> >Mike
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