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Re: [nafex] Plant Tags

I have tags that the wires have girdled and the tree has engulfed. Never had 
one die or drop off.
I've been away for most of this discussion, but just in case it hasn't been
- with whatever tagging system used, care needs to be taken to attach the
tags in such a way that the trees won't eventually be girdled. When you 
be able to or don't want to have to bother with checking for girdling by
string or wire for the rest of your life, here is an alternative way of
attaching a tag.
- to the tag attach a piece of nylon 20lb test fishing line or wire that
won't rust. Tack the line/wire  to the trunk with a brad or heavy staple
inserted vertically. As the tree grows, it grows around the wire holding it
in place and because it does not go around the trunk, it can't girdle.
vic  NH zone 3

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