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Re: [nafex] Pruning & Fireblight


     I doubt that you'll increase fireblight potential by severe pruning.  And
copper is best applied at green tip.  If using fixed copper such COCS, copper
hydroxide, etc. one can mix it with oil and save an application.  Rate is
dependant on formulation.

     Hope this helps.

Ed, So. Indiana, heaven, etc.

Gord Hawkes wrote:

> Greetings all.  Great day here for pruning +15 C (@ 60F for our American
> friends), snow finally melting, birds in their glory singing incessently
> what a perfect day.  Now, many of our neglected trees required some radical
> pruning leaving many entry points and excessive growth potential which would
> likely be perfect for blight or other problems.   Although we have never
> experienced fireblight problems in the past what is the likelihood of
> fireblight in a radically pruned orchard (we're talking 20% to 30% removal
> of wood).  Additionally, what is good timing for bordeaux or copper
> forumulations for the protection from fireblight and what is a good
> application rate?
> Best regards,
> Gord Hawkes
> Log Cabin Orchard
> Osgoode, Ontario
> Canada Eh?
> www.logcabinorchard.com
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