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[nafex] how to manage yahoogroups by email commands

Hi all,

If you don't want to join yahoo-groups at the web site, which there are 
sound reasons not to do, it's still possible to make changes by email.  
I've set my browser not to allow cookies, so can't enjoy any of the 
features that are available only through the website (like the archives), 
but it's nice to know I can subscribe and unsubscribe, set to digest form, 
etc.  Here are the commands:


Many members of Yahoo! Groups have limited web access but still
 enjoy using our service via email. The following are email

 To join a Group, send a blank message to:

 To unsubscribe from a Group, send a blank message to:

 To put your email message delivery on hold for a group,
 send a blank message to:

 To change your subscription to daily digest mode, send a
 blank message to:

 To change your subscription to individual emails, send a
 blank message to:

 To receive general help information, send a blank message

 Please Note: Make sure to replace "groupname" in the above
 commands with the actual name of the Group (e.g.,
 Nell Lancaster, Lexington, Virginia  USDA zone 6b  foothills of Blue Ridge

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