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Re: [nafex] glass


Not an expert, but Lexan is the best glass for greenhouses, preffered by
those with deep pockets everywhere. (smile)

It is all a matter of light transmission.  Lexan is the best for light
transmission, and white sheet plastic is the worst, but plants still grow
under under the white plastic.

You need to answer some basic questions before you proceed.

   What plants do you want to grow



   Positioning on lot

   How much sun do you get

   Type of covering (lots of choices better than glass)

   Size of greenhouse

There are a lot more questions I did not list.

If you live in Arizona would Lexan be a good choice, or would you be
creating a heat problem during the summer months.  Would less light
transmission be optimal for you?  Will you need whitewash (liquid shade)
or shade cloth?  Do you get a lot of hale, is snow load an issue.

You may be best off to build a small hobby greenhouse first ($100 and
under) and test things out.  Then go on to a bigger better models.

Not an expert, just things I have picked up from a greenhouse egroup.

I am building a portable gothic arch myself this season (8.5'x12') and the
plans are free (Extension Service), and materials cost under $100 US.

Let me know if you want the link to them.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, del stubbs wrote:

> We've been offered a bunch of double pane glass, cheap. I think to put it 
> aside for next years greenhouse building project. In the back of my mind I 
> remember a discussion that regular window glass is the wrong kind of glass 
> to use for growing plants. But people certainly grow and propagate inside 
> their home's windows.  Any opinions?  Any knowledgable glassophiles out 
> there? Thanks,  Mn.Del
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