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Re: [nafex] glass


I don't know where you heard that window glass was the wrong kind for 
plant growth.  As far as I'm concerned it is absolutely the right 
stuff.  We grow many plants under glass here in Maine and are able to 
extend our season,  especially in the spring.  Glass is cheap and 
plentiful.  Why just yesterday at the town dump I got there just in 
time to see a man loading sheet after sheet on his pickup.  Someone 
had replaced the double glazed windows on their house and had 
thoughtfully piled all the old glass carefully at the dump so that 
the next guy could have them.

I just priced some glazing materials for some broken cold frame 
lights.  Double strength glass was $25 for a 2X4 sheet.  Lexan was 
$40 for the same piece.  And Lexan scratches easily.  It is tough 

Phil Norris    Z4    East Blue Hill, Maine

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