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[nafex] cider apples

I'm interested in producing good hard cider and know that it is 
essential to use cider apples.  I'm from the east and am aware of one 
orchard  of about 15 acres dedicated to these varieties located in new 
England but am unaware of any other orchards elswhere.  Does anyone 
have a guess as to how many acres of cider trees exist out of the 
461,000 acres Dept of Agric. says are in existence today in the US? 
Personally I've got about 50 of these in my 1 year old orchard so 
maybe I'm the second largest grower in the US BUT I doubt it.
I'm also looking for referrences re varieties of American cider trees 
that were used when hard cider was the drink of choice many years
 Any help would be appreciated.


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