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Re: [nafex] cider apples/bibliography

At 01:11 AM 04/12/2001 +0000, you wrote:
......I'm also looking for referrences re varieties of American cider trees
that were used when hard cider was the drink of choice many years
 Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a small bibliography of cider apple information sources.  I went through the documents I have here in my library and if they mentioned specific varieties I listed them.
I also recommend searching for extension documents for your area using E-Answers,
Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.
---Suzi Teghtmeyer
Head Librarian, Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science
SMSU Research Campus and Missouri Fruit Experiment Station
9740 Red Spring Rd, Mountain Grove, MO 65711
Phone: 417-926-4105, Fax: 417-926-6646,  email: srt175f@smsu.edu
URL: http://library.smsu.edu/paulevans/pelIndex.htm

Title;Authors;Pub Date;Notes
Apple Cider - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's);New Hampshire Coop. Exten.;;http://ceinfo.unh.edu/cider.htm
recommendations to help insure the quality and healthfulness of fresh apple cider.
A view of the cultivation of fruit trees, and the management of orchards and cider : with accurate descriptions of the most estimable varieties of native and foreign apples, pears,;Coxe, William.;1817;
American apple orchard : a sketch of the practice of apple growing in North America at the beginning of the twentieth century;Waugh, Frank Albert;1908;DOES NOT mention cider apple tree varieties.
Apple culturist : a complete treatise for the practical pomologist;Todd, Sereno Edwards;1871;DOES NOT mention cider apple tree varieties
Apples and Apple Products;Smock, R.M.; A.M Neubert;1950;JUICE recommendations, page 20:
Baldwin, Delicious, Esopus Spitzenburg, Rhode Island Greening, Grimes Golden, Johnathan, McIntosh, Northern Spy, Rome Beauty, Stark, Stayman Winesap, Wealthy, Winesap, Winter Banana, Yellow Newton
Apples of New York;Beach, S. A.;;1905;DOES NOT mention cider apple tree varieties
Apples: A Guide to Selection and Use - OH St. U. Fact Sheet;Richard C. Funt;;Lists good cider apples
Bulletin 55 re: Apple characteristics  may be applicable to cider making;Browne, C.A.;1899;Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Pennsylvania AES (Agricultural Experiment Station)
Characterization of cider apple fruits according to their degree of ripening. A chemometric approach.;Mangas, J.J.; Moreno, J.; Picinelli, A.; Blanco, D.;1998;Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. 46, no. 10 (Oct 1998): p. 4174-4178.
Chemical composition of apples and cider.;Alwood, William Bradford; Davidson, Robert James; Moncure, William Anderson Patterson;1904;USDA Bureau of Chem. Bulletin 88; I. The composition of apples in relation to cider and vinegar production.      LISTS MANY APPLE VARIETIES IN THIS STUDY.
II. The composition of cider as determined by dominant fermentation with pure yeasts.
Cider and juice apples: growing and processing;Williams, Ray R.;1990;?
Cider makers' hand book;Trowbridge, J.M.;1908;Chapter IV-Apples, Varieties and Tests: Spitzenberg, Seek-no-further, Rhode Island Greening, Tompkins County King, Swaar, Russets and crab-apples
Cider vinegar. IN: Processed apple products, Donald L. Downing, editor;Lea, A.G.H.;;p. 279-301. ill.
Cider-and vinegar-making qualities of Minnesota apples;Brierly, W. G. 1885 (Wilfrid Gordon),;1919;Bulletin 1919 / Univ. Of MN AES
Commercial apple industry of North America;Folger, John Clifford,;;1921;DOES NOT mention cider apple tree varieties.
Culture and Analysis of French Cider Apples in Virginia;Price, H.L; W.B. Ellett;1908;Ann. Report of the VA AES 1908
Experiment Station work, V : humus in soils, winter protection of peach trees, swamp, marsh, or muck soils, rape, subwatering in greenhouses, velvet bean, bacterial diseases of plants, sunflowers, grape juice and sweet cider / FB 78;US Office of Experiment Stations.;1908;USDA FB 78
Making and preserving apple cider / Farmers Bulletin 2125;Robinson, James Frederick;1964;USDA FB 2125: Crab-apples, Baldwin, Cortland, Delicious, Florence Hibernal, Golden Delicious, Hubbardston, Johnathan, Martha, McIntosh, Newtown-Pippin, Northern Spy, Red Siberian, R.I. Greening, Ribson, Rome Beauty, Stark, Trancendant, Winesap, Winter Banana
Making apple cider;Raven, Judy;1974;Charlotte, Vt. : Garden Way Pub.
Orchard studies X. Consideration of the commercial handling of cider fruit, grinding and expressing the must.;Alwood, William Bradford;1902;Bulletin 137 / Virginia AES
Orchard studies XI. Consideration of the principles and technique involved in the fermentation and final finishing of ciders.;Alwood, William Bradford;1902;Bulletin 138 / Virginia AES
Orchard studies XII. Chemical composition of ciders.;Alwood, William Bradford;1902;Bulletin 139 / Virginia AES

Title;Authors;Pub Date;Notes
A study of cider making in France, Germany, and England with comments and comparisons on American work.;Alwood, William Bradford;1902;USDA Bureau of Chem. Bulletin 71
American Cider Book;Orton, Vrest;1973;NEW YORK, FARRAR, STRAUS AND GIROUX
Apple cider and cider products;Clague, J. A. 1906- (John Albert),; Fellers, Carl Raymond,; 1893;1936;Bulletin 336 / MA AES
Art Of Cidermaking ;Correnty, Paul;1995;
Cider Hard And Sweet history, traditions, and making your own;Watson, Ben, 1961-;1999;
Composition of cider as determined by dominant fermentation with pure yeasts;Alwood, William Bradford; Davidson, Robert James; Moncure, William Anderson Patterson;1904;Bulletin 150 / Virginia AES; gov doc
Enological studies. I. Experiments in cider making applicable to farm conditions. II. Notes on the use of pure yeasts in white wine making.;Alwood, William Bradford;1909;USDA Bureau of Chem. Bulletin 120
Farm manufacture of unfermented apple juice / Farmers Bulletin 1264;Caldwell, Joseph Stuart;1928;USDA FB 1264
Hard cider workshop : April 18-19, 1979;Downing, Donald L.,;1979;Special report no. 32. NYSAES
Hard Side of Cider - Great Britian;Lombard, P B. ; Williams, R R.;1974;HORTSCI 9, no. 5 (OCT 1974): 420-424.
History and virtues of cyder;French, Roger Kenneth;1982;
Home-made cider vinegar;Sackett, Walter George;1913;Bulletin 192 CO; Experiment Station
Making, Handling and Marketing Safe, High-Quality Apple Cider;;;http://pubs.cas.psu.edu/FreePubs/pdfs/uk035.pdf
Microbiology of ciders and wines.;Carr, J.G.;1987;In: Essays in agricultural and food microbiology / edited by J.R. Norris and G.L. Pettipher.
Observations on the production of vinegar in cellars;Alwood, William Bradford; Davidson, Robert James;1901;Bulletin 127 / Virginia AES
Production and marketing of fresh apple cider.;Lerew, L.E.;1987;Annual report - Michigan State Horticultural Society. 117th (1987):
Rate of fermentation of ciders and perries.;Barker, B. T. P.;1908;Long Ashton, Bristol, Eng.,
Sweet & hard cider: making it, using it, & enjoying it;Proulx, Annie. ; Nichols, Lew.;1980;Charlotte, Vt. : Garden Way Pub.
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