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Re: [nafex] Kiwi

>Will an Issai Kiwi pollinize a female Hayward Kiwi ?
>My Hayward is about 3 years old and has 3 flowers on it and my Issai 
>is bought from a nursery and planted early this spring....it has many 
>flowers and they flower same time as Hayward and look the same except 
>If the Issai won't pollinize it, will a male hardy do the 
>job....asking in case my young Hayward male doesn't make it???
>Thanks...Pete zone 8b
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>From Kiwibob Glanzman,   NAFEX Kiwi Interest Group Coordinator

No, Issai is an "allohexaploid" and is self-fertile only on itself.  An arguta male can pollinate Hayward but the pollen grains are usually too small to make the pollen tube penetrate all the way to the Hayward ovary, hence underpollination is the usual result.  A deliciosa male on the other hand will "overkill" pollinate an arguta female.  All depending on coincidental bloom of course.
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