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Re: [nafex] Rhamnus

Z. jujube is plant of warmer areas and I do not think that it will survive
minus 28 F.  In fact my experience with the common commercial varieties
grown in North India is that the scions die when the temperature goes just -
2 C.  Only stocks, which are the seedlings ofg wild types remain alive.

There is a wild jujuba bearing inferior type of round fruits which grow in
the Himalayan mid  hills of North West India.  This may withstand upto 20
F(may be).

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
Horticultural Consultant on Lesser Known Indian Fruits
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> Ziziphus Jujube and Rhamnus Cathatrica (I understand from google research)
> are distant kissing cousins.....any chance it could be love?
> I'd like one last chance for the european invader 'common buckthorn' in
> orchard area, before it gets the ax.     I've never seen a jujube, but in
> reading I now realize that there's research going on in my old home town
> Calif. And that some are good to minus 28F.....any chance there's a
> good to minus 40? any chance they could graft to common buckthorn?
> yesterday 50F here.....today a pretty good snow fall....Mn. Del
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