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RE: [nafex] Natural fencing Suggestions

>I would like some "living fence" ideas, to keep out unwanted ATV's, ATC's
>and dirt bikes.
>The gap is about 50' wide, under a bridge, running east west, so there is
>plenty of sun except under the bridge.
>People with no respect for property cut the fence under the bridge
>regardless of there being cattle in the field, to get there fill of fun on
>their machines in the pasture, destroying the grass the cattle feed on,
>and presenting a legal injury problem.

Getting the plants established will be the hard part; I'd recommend leaving a
gap on the path most favored by the atv-ers, and in that gap placing short
lengths of rebar, cut at 45° on the ends and driven into the ground angled
towards the oncoming tires. (use a bit of pipe as a "set" so you don't dull
the point driving them in) Fairly humane, if care is taken to locate the
spikes where the vehicles cannot be traveling too fast, and perhaps some
sticks for camoflage. If the gap is bounded by species that can easily be
layered into it once the traffic is discouraged and the hedge established-
voilą! a full hedge! The spikes have been used successfully in a number of
places to discourage illegal off-roading; replacing tires is burdensome to
the slothful who ride those things. Best not done by you or on your land of
course, and you never saw this idea.
I've never done it either.

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