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Re: [nafex] Old Saying


     There is fertility value of snow.  I think there is some documentation on n.  However, given the collective pollution content (varies
with area of course) there is certainly more of some types.  Also, the slow release (melt) helps soil asorption, I would guess

     Just a thought.

Ed, So. Indiana, heaven, sprintime, lilac orders, etc.

Gordon Nofs wrote:

> I thought I would question "Farmer's Almanac" people and this is their
> reply.
>       Gordon
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> To: "Gordon C. Nofs"
> Subject: Re: Old Saying
> This is an old, old saying. My Dad had a friend who helped with the almanac
> for many years. Ken is now 98 years old. The saying has to do with snow
> (bigger flakes) drawing nutrients from the atmosphere and then
> "fertilizing" gardens. I have read that this is not true. I like the
> saying..... Since it happens in the spring and gardens grow soon
> thereafter, I'll say it is accurate. Make it easier to tolerate those late
> storms.
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>                      "Gordon C. Nofs"                                   To:
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>                      "Yup-Poor man's fertilizer"
>    Does anyone know where this comes from and what it means?
> Gordon C. Nofs
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