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[nafex] Passion Flower (fruiting)

The native maypop is better tasting than akebia, which isn't saying much.  The flavor is actually good, but I have never figured out a practical way to use them. I heard that someone here in TN had a 30 ft double row of them just for making wine.  His trellis was made of 20 ft rebar in an arch with concrete reinforcing wire tied to it.  I have always wanted to try this to grow beans on. 
    The problem with maypop is the pulp is wrapped around the seeds.  I hear you can sieve them, and with wine making you'd simply ferment the pulp, seeds and all. 
    Lon, I didn't know they had to be cross pollinated!  Good thing I wasn't growing them on purpose, I'd probably have done it all wrong.... they're weeds here.  First time I mentioned apricots to a native Tennessean he said he used to eat them when he was a kid.  I asked where was the tree, he said they didn't grow on a tree, they grew in cornfields.  I figured out they were maypops.     Donna

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