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[nafex] Re: (Fwd) Sea Buckthorn,Blue Honeysuckle, Magnolia Vine (J. Van Hazi

I have three of the blue Honeysuckle from "One Green World". The 
plants are very healthy and attractive, about 4 years old and 3-ft by 
2-ft.  I can't recommend them though because the production is so 
scanty.  I would be hard pressed to pick more than 1 or maybe 2 cups 
from the bushes...this is much less than the production I get off my 
currents and gooseberries.  The flavor is okay but not very 
distinctive...not as good as a real blueberry.  I remember some 
discussion that they may produce better in colder climates.  I'm in 
zone 6 Colorado with hot dry summers.  As for the magnolia vine I saw 
some interesting wild collected native varieties in the Heronswood 
catalogue http://www.heronswood.com/.  They also have some wild 
collected hardy kiwis.  They are selling them as ornamentals but they 
might be interesting for fruit/hybridization.

> In a Pomona Article 3 or 4 years ago ( I photocopied it from a NAFEX
> friend but failed to record the issue]  by M.N.  PLekhanova on 
> Resources of Sea Buckthorn, Blue Honeysuckle, Viburnum, Actinidia, 
> Schizandra in the USSR and their Utilization  ,  the author states
> that " sea buckthorn is propagated by green and lignified cuttings"
> and  Blue Honeysuckle "mainly by green cuttings".   Does anyone have
> advice on techniques or references in English toward this end ?   
> Oregon Exotics sells seeds for Schizadra chinensis [Magnolia Vine]
> also mentioned in that article.  Any experience on growing them from
> seed?


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