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Re: [nafex] Gee Ed is even more famous than I thought

fuwafuwausagi@usa.net wrote:

> Gang:
> Well the rabbit was working in Natick Mass. a couple of weeks back, a
> bit despondent and feeling the pressures of the job.   As I often do
> in such situations I hop in the rent-a-car and cruise to the local
> grocery store to check out the produce section and set my mind on
> important things like examining the apple selection.  Anyway a lovely,
> though somewhat old looking poster caught my eye listing apple
> varieties.  It was an enjoyable read, listing the merits of several
> varieties, a few surprised me for being listed in a grocery store, but
> the thing that made me smile was to see "Rocky Meadow" on the bottom
> of the poster.  I smiled to myself and thought of how much I missed my
> dear friend and how much I wished he was there with me to talk to when
> low and behold I turned around only to see "Ed" standing there with
> the biggest S*** eating grin you ever saw....well ok it wasn't "Ed" in
> person, but rather a poster oh him saying "Ed Fackler says eat more
> apples"...oh man I laughed and laughed and the clientel looked at me
> like I was crazy, which is probably not that far removed form the
> truth.
> Anyway Ed, you are famous...

     My response---------

     Firstly, so-called "fame" is way overrated.  Or, in the classic words of
my son, Clint when he was a fiesty age of 19........"dad, if you are so
damned smart and famous, why ain't we rich!"  I laughed at his truth then and
am still laughing today at his statement.  Fame is little more than stealth

     Thanks for reminding me.



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