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[nafex] Yikes...


Wow, I am a bit stunned by the volume of welcome back mail I received 
after my absence from the list.  Thank you very much for the warm 

Unfortunately some nastiness has occurred.  As some of you may have  
found out the cyber world harbors some fairly wicked people.   In 
particular it appears my mail service provider has been hacked by some 
malicious prankster.   The "prank" involved overwriting the mail 
header with a fictional and erroneous "from" heading.   I wish to 
publically state that I never purposefully sent such an e-mail header 
and I have contacted my service provider in an attempt to remedy the 

My sincere apologies to anyone who had their sensitivities offended by 
the header that was altered in private communication with me.  

For the record my e-mail is:


which when translated, and interpreted means:

fluffy bunny

Wishing all of you the best,

and once again my apologies,

A blushing bunny


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