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Re: [nafex] I need some thoughts

At 12:33 PM 05/22/2001 -0400, you wrote:
 In my defense I do not know what his
application for this is for

You don't need any defense! 
I didn't mean it to sound as if I was attacking - far from it.  Just commenting. 
Nor do I know what The Fluffster has in mind, either. 
Perhaps he'll elaborate so that we can make more informed recommendations.

Guess another species Fluffy might consider for a hard, durable, beautiful-grained wood would be Osage Orange(Maclura pomifera).


and have limbed many times particular cedars to be able to work around
and have access to the growing area/s. They will continue to grow unimpeded even when the lower
limbs have been trimmed or completely severed.
When felled you are right an 8ft cedar will yield very little rot resistant heartwood, but if I remember his
question clearly I think he said he needed only 2 to 3 inch diameter and imperative that the wood had
a beautiful grain...
I guess I'm at a loss barring a preservative that are now available minus any toxins...
Thank you, Lucky.
Best of growing,
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At 11:18 AM 05/22/2001 -0400, Gianni wrote:
Red cedar will grow to 8 ft from a seedling in as little as 3 to 4 yrs depending on conditions.
Yes, but this 8 ft seedling will have a piece of red heartwood about the size of a pencil lead, the rest being white softwood that'll rot away about as quickly as untreated white pine.  Plus, an open-grown redcedar 8 ft tall will have limbs from ground level up.

I cut some good, tall redcedars out of my hardwood forest this spring, when I was stringing a mile or so of new HT fence - most were 75+ yrs old, based on counts of growth rings - got 2 or 3 good, clear 8 ft 'king' posts, with lots of rot-resistant heartwood, before I got into any significant branches.
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