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Re: [nafex] I need some thoughts

At 11:18 AM 05/22/2001 -0400, Gianni wrote:
Red cedar will grow to 8 ft from a seedling in as little as 3 to 4 yrs depending on conditions.
Yes, but this 8 ft seedling will have a piece of red heartwood about the size of a pencil lead, the rest being white softwood that'll rot away about as quickly as untreated white pine.  Plus, an open-grown redcedar 8 ft tall will have limbs from ground level up.

I cut some good, tall redcedars out of my hardwood forest this spring, when I was stringing a mile or so of new HT fence - most were 75+ yrs old, based on counts of growth rings - got 2 or 3 good, clear 8 ft 'king' posts, with lots of rot-resistant heartwood, before I got into any significant branches.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY
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