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Re: [nafex] Digest Number 741

I don't think the pear psylla is related to the
persimmon psylla based on their appearances.  I just
received the May 2001 American Fruit Grower and on
page 38, is an article about the pear psylla.  The
article states there is a summer form of the adult
which is yellowish brown in color with transparent
wings and also a winter form that is dark , reddish
brown with two pair of smokey colored wings.  The
adult  size is roughly 2.0mm to 2.5mmin length and
appears to hop then fly away when disturbed.  Young
nymphs are yellow and flat with an elongated body
shape, red eyes, and brown antenna.  They are almost
always found within a puddle of syrupy, sticky fluid.

Lee Sharp  

--- mauch1@aol.com wrote:
> >Leaf Curl is not normal for asian persimmons.  This
> >problem is usually caused by the persimmon psylla. 
> >The adults have small, black-bodies(gnat size) with
> >large, transparent wings that extend at
> approximately
> >a 45 degree angle to their bodies while at rest
> >(feeding). 
> I had seen the damage and the black insects, so I
> knew they were causing the damage.  I thought they
> were aphids...
> Is Persimmon psylla related to Pear psylla?
> Funny thing is I don't really see damage on the
> Native 
> Persimmon, only the Asian.
> Chris Mauchline
> SE PA, zone 6

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