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Re: [nafex] Peach query...

Gianni, all I can say about this is why lift the sod? seems to me the point
is to kill the sod, which can be done with dark breatheable mulch, whether
its landscape cloth covered with rocks or chips, used carpet, or the
commercial tree mulch with tiny water holes. I take my weed whip and cut
right down to dirt, then lay my ground cover, and have had good success in a
month or two. Mn. Del
Hi Del:
Excellent approach to this. As from what the article suggested was to remove the roots completley and rip
up or remove the turf/sod. That made me cringe thinking that the posibilty of the sod cutter would cut into
vital roots that are just below the grass. To whip it, and then just mulch. Great idea, Del!
Thanks very much.
Best of growing,


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