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Re: [nafex] Peach query...

Hello Tom:
I guess this tree turned toward the wind as there is a more prevalent on shore breeze in the afternoons and does indeed
lean into the wind. I'll leave that alone & thanks....
With the way cardboard is constructed with glues and epoxies and unless it's soy bean ink, I thought I would forego the
suggestions of cardboard & newspaper. I opted for pine bark mulch and will try to keep a fair amount of nitrogen on the
mulch to speed the process of breakdown.
I whipped some sections and used a small shovel and lifted sod in others. This was great because after I could see what
was going on at soil level, I probed with a broom handle and added more mycorrhizae, a goodly amount of woodash and
some compost and then finished off with a 2" layer of mulch and then sprayed the entire area with 5 gallons of water soluble
fertilizer and kelp. The tree in just a few hours of this is actually looking heartier????
Thank you everyone for taking your time with this, the information was very valuable to me and I thank you...
Best of growing,

We lean all trees slightly into the prevailing wind direction and stake
them that way for a number of years.

This was on the advice of Woodwinds nursery in Bluevale Ontario.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

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