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Re: [nafex] Re: Peach query...

Thanks for the details of your experiences with the cardboard method. Should prove to be interesting
what kind of results you achieve with grass being so high in the area you have transplanted the blueberries.
Let us know how that works out and what kind of results you get...
Again, many thanks.
Best of growing,
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Subject: [nafex] Re: Peach query...

I lay cardboard over the sod; if I can find enough I just flatten the boxes
so that there is a double layer. (This takes about 3 times as much cardboard
as you think it will when you are collecting it.) The cardboard helps kill
the grass and then it disintegrates so you don't have plastic to deal with
later. If you mulch with hardwood sawdust you will be increasing the humus
content of the soil, but it needs to be renewed more often than bark. If your
soil is poor and you are using sawdust to help improve it you should add some
form of nitrogen to speed up the decomposition.

I am using this method now for a patch of blueberries that I just
transplanted to our new house. I transplanted them into an area of canary
grass that was almost 5 feet high. It will be interesting to see how
effective it is on the canary grass.

<< Gianni, all I can say about this is why lift the sod? seems to me the
is to kill the sod, which can be done with dark breatheable mulch, whether
its landscape cloth covered with rocks or chips, used carpet, or the
commercial tree mulch with tiny water holes. I take my weed whip and cut
right down to dirt, then lay my ground cover, and have had good success in a
month or two. Mn. Del >>

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