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Re: [nafex] Quince for Pear roostock

KJJSiebert@aol.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I am interested in trying Quince as a pear rootstock. Where can I get
> the roostocks? Does anyone have information on compatability with the
> following pears: Rescue, Highland, Ubileen, Conference? Any
> information on culture, including soil preferences, would be
> appreciated.

     My response--------

     Depending on quantity desired, you may obtain them from Treco in
Woodburn, OR and Willamette Nursery in OR.  I'm sure Dev Cooper reads this
and he is the owner of Willamette.
     Of those you mentioned, I'm certgain Rescue and Highland are not
compatible and my best guess is that Ubileen and Conference aren't either.
    Of those which are very compatible, Comice (and sibs like Magness),
Maxine, Bierschmitt, Collette and Old Home exhibit good compatibility and
perhaps Maxine, when used as an interstem, induces a degree of precosity
(quicker to bear).

     Hope this helps.

Ed, So. Indiana, land of nirvana


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